Another item from the hometown newspaper: Local Boy Makes Good!


ACMECTF Christmas Party!

Railwarz Christmas Party

An opportunity to appreciate whats left of this great game with the legends themselves. A free to join big public game Wednesday night, December 23, 2015.

Connect or GOTO acmerwz

Click here for more info.

Thanks to KiD for organizing!


ACMECTF L-Fire Pickup League!

Targe+ has the ACMECTF L-Fire II Pickup League underway! Click here for info.


ACMEcon 2014 Update

ACMEcon 2014 is March 14-16, 2014 in Huntsville, Alabama. Go to the forum thread for info.


ACME Fall 2013 Cup!

Team [CAMP] won theĀ  ACME Fall 2013 Cup. Go to the forum for results.


ACMEcon 2014!

ACMEcon 2014 is in the process of being scheduled for the late April / early May time frame, in the Atlanta or Huntsville area. Please check in IRC for the latest updates from Cartman[CAMP]!


ACME Forum!

We have moved the forum from to

Old links to forum posts will now redirect to same post in the new location so nothing should be lost!



We have a beta test server up at for a new mod greider is hard at work on.

It will eventually incorporate the best of L-Fire, TMG, LMCTF with additional features for both players and admins.

It’s in early, early beta stage and feedback is welcome so try it out then post on the forum what you want to see in it as well as observations as the development continues.